Absarokee came into existence in 1893 when Siver Simonson built a small log building to start a trading post and the first post office. In 1905 he decided to plat his homestead for a town site. As soon as the survey was completed the sale of lots began. Siver then started a saloon, a livery barn, hotel and a blacksmith shop. Later he sold to P.H. Hawkins who developed the town site further. It wasn't until 1909 that a school district was created. During this time the district had the distinction of being the smallest in the state. The first school was a log house built by Hawkins on Grove Street. Because of so many families buying up the lots on building on them, it became impossible to hold class in the one room log school. In 1910 a new stone-cut two room school was built, but after a short time two more rooms were added and four teachers. It wasn't until 1913-1914 that a new high school was established.