Park City

"At one time Part City was the second biggest town along the central Yellowstone," as published in an 1885 edition the "The History of Montana."

Park City dates its beginning from June, 1882 when a colony from Ripon, Wisconsin came to the Yellowstone Valley, invested in property and started the town. The town was platted and filed by September of the same year. In August of the same year, a post office was established by Alonzo Young of Young's Point. Alonzo received notice soon after its beginning the name would be changed to Park City and that he should remove the office to the new town of Park City. It soon became a productive irrigation area and is called the "Garden Spot of the Yellowstone".

When the rail road arrived they wanted to rename the area Rimrock but the local people resisted, so the general manager of the Northern Pacific decided to change the proposed location for the railroad yards and shops from that area to Laurel.